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2 points

I believe in general, that's ok. BUT, that's coming from a place where we only change after gym, I don't know if I'd feel as comfortable if I was required to shower with a gay male as my gym teacher. Of course, to each their own, and I would never voice those concerns, but, deep down, I'd be uncomfortable..

1 point

Their job isn't to protect you, it's to make sure you don't hurt anyone else, or cause them to pay to fix you. That's why drinking and driving is banned, you don't just hurt yourself, you kill an innocent person, or cause thousands of dollars of damage to property if something goes wrong, which statistically, goes WAYYY up, when you drink and drive. As for cocaine, meth, etc, couldn't really tell yah! Maybe the government would rather us be successful members of society, than paying for some crack head's social security. Just to be clear, I'm not saying everyone who drinks and drives dies, or everyone who does various drugs is a crack head, I'm just describing stats I've seen, hope you understand.

1 point

I'm not hear to say that no one can find a logical argument for god, and if they do I'd love to hear it, but the entire religious concept is illogical at its very core, and there is no religion, that I know of that has solved that flawed core concepts yet.

Every religion has its key points that can always be found to be logically flawed if inspected.

Hence why I am an atheist, not because my father is, because he isn't an advocate for atheism, not because anyone in my outter family is, because they aren't, but because I studied religion, and atheism. I don't mean to be offensive, but I cannot for the life of me logically believe in something with 0 logical proof.

Oh, and just to say this now, if your going to argue "How do you know there is no god! Or prove there isn't a god!" I would like to compare this to the court system, YOU carry the burden of proof; not I! If I claim there's a flying spaghetti monster, it is my job to prove it before i expect you to believe it. I don't expect you to force me out of my beliefs that aren't based in anything in the first place.

1 point

It depends on how you look at the issue, if your trying to make the claim that we humans have any effect on it than your blatantly ignorant to the history of the earths weather patterns, and I feel as though you must have some sort of self absorption to think you really can have an effect on the world.

If your simply arguing that the earth's temperatures are rising, than you have an argument that can't be refuted. HOWEVER, this heating and cooling of the earth is 100% natural and has been happening for millions of years, about 30 years ago the hot issue was global cooling, where there was a winter that completely froze a huge lake in Europe, a lake that had never frozen solidly before in recorded history.

1 point

...then id never get laid...


1 point

heres a few quick tips ive picked up!

-green tea has ecgc, a chemical that boosts metabolism

-caffeine (same thing as green tea, metabolism booster)

-jalapeno has a chemical that burns fat

-everyone thinks cardio cardio cardio, but lifting heavy weights for lower reps will boost your testosterone, which will push your metabolism and fat loss through the roof.

-eat small portions throughout the day, usually 8 small meals, itll keep your metabolism going full time

-DRINK, water keeps you full and helps you digest food

-its OK to eat desert! (i know, i just blew your mind) eat it after a workout with protein and it actually HELPS you :O

-eating red meat boosts testosterone, again, more fat loss, more muscle, higher metabolism (dont eat it every meal, or youll risk a lot more side effects, like high cholesterol)

-take vitamins! the magnesium and zinc will help boost testosterone levels naturally, (see above for the crazy good side effects of higher testosterone)

-when u workout, try and combine endurance and power lifting, my favorite bench workout is to start light, build up to my 5 rep max REALLY quickly, then take the weight off 10lbs at a time and go till failure, itll boost testosterone and burn fat during the workout

ONE MORE THING, i just rememebered higher testosterone means that youll feel better all day, youll do better in bed, and instead of cardio, where the fat burning effects stop when you do, a higher testosterone level means you stay burning fat for HOURS after your workout

(guys, morning sex = higher testosterone throughout the day, just a tip)

1 point

dude, breathe, no need to use vulgar language, the debate is bad company vs cod, not bad company vs cod vs halo vs brink, EVERYONE STEALS IDEAS at some point, whether its a tv show, or a game, ideas are recycled and refined constantly, to the extent of my knowledge, battlefield was the first game to incorporate truly destructible scenery into a fps, that being said im not a game freak, but, cod in this case, is recycling an idea from most recently, bad company, the vehicle aspect of it at least. was just simply stating a contradiction in his argument.

1 point

just to clear something up for me, can u explain why it would cost anything to add a signature? im assuming the people that created the site are the ones still in charge, if they were adequate enough to code this entire site, i dont think it would be the most difficult thing to code a signature option, however, it would take time, and why would the risk of hacking be increased? and at least to me? i love the ability to have a creative funny signature. idk, it adds a flavor to it that i would appreciate.

1 point

i would have to say jumping off of a building, i believe sky diving to be the greatest thrill, so that and then the fastest way to die i think would be hitting cement at a VERY fast speed. idk, seems quick and the most fun way to go out, to me.

1 point

i dont know about where any of you grew up, but where im from, within the private schools there is a LOT more drug use and sexual along with physical abuse. the kids in private schools may look good to people, but that couldnt be farther from the truth.

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Winning Position: Yes, it can be controlled.

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