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1 point

A threat to our economic interests in the middle east? yes.

A threat to our security? hell no.

That's like saying Canada needs to watch the fuck out for oh, random small country on the opposite side of the world, let's say Bangladesh. Not to mention the U.S. Military is to the Canadian military what the hulk is to my little pony (sorry canada). About 70% of all military spending in the world is used to make the U.S. war machine stronger. Because lord knows, the extremists might just topple us at any goddamned moment.

Watch out for the bogeyman. Funny, how he's always hiding at the bottom of an oil reserve somewhere.

wtfiswrong(47) Clarified
1 point

if it came to war america would still win because it has the upper hand.

This is a gross understatement. We would crush Iran. You do know we spend more on our military than half of the rest of the world combined?

2 points

agreed .

wtfiswrong(47) Clarified
1 point

Sub-Saharan African countries do not have strong central governments. That's not just government propaganda, its made obvious by the consistent changes of regime and government. A government that cannot even keep its capitol secure from rebels, has no business trying to secure a nuclear arsenal.

I do how ever agree with you that a lot of government information on the so-called 'enemy' is greatly skewed. A lot of what we hear is just plain false. Chavez is not and never was a dictator. The South Vietnamese did not need our protection from the North Vietnamese. The CIA was involved in and covered-up coups in South America.

Some of what is said is factual though. I will stand by the fact that Kim Jong-il was a crazy motherfucker. I say that mostly though because he lets/encourages his citizens to treat him as a diety. I don't trust anyone who thinks that they are god.

1 point

How is Iran's difficult geography a threat to the security of the United States?

I think you're making a common mistake, which is equating the security of U.S. geo-political interests with the actual security of the U.S.

1 point

Oprah wins. The white girl is too skinny to even balance with those things.

2 points

Science is a method for determining the relationships between matter in the physical world. Since god is by definition metaphysical, Science can offer no opinion on Him/Her whatsoever.

However, since thought and consciousness are physical processes, science may with the improvement of neuroscience be able to offer strong theories as to where our concepts of God stem from.

On a related note, I think the scientific advances of the last 400 years or so have shown that pretty much every observed phenomena is a physical process. If that's the case, where is there room for a metaphysical actor?

wtfiswrong(47) Clarified
0 points

what book. the kama sutra ?

2 points

People are often taught be social pressure to be dumb. It isn't cool to be smart and it isn't cool to care about anything really important. Just shut up, stop reading books, and go buy another iphone so you can have a tray on which to eat your big mac.

wtfiswrong(47) Clarified
1 point

boogle and copycat, you guys might like this. I was doing some research on antitrust laws while reading your debate and came across this little tidbit on wikipedia.

One of the earliest invocations of the Act [Sherman anti-trust act] was in 1894, against the American Railway Union led by Eugene V. Debs, with the intent to settle the Pullman Strike.[9] Several years would pass before the first use of the Act against its intended perpetrator, corporate monopolies.

How do you like that? The law created after public outcry against huge corporate trusts was first used to break up a union run by America's most famous socialist. Truth really is stranger than fiction.

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