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RSS XVDeathWishV

Reward Points:23
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10 most recent arguments.

Unless your one of the male chauvinists who once they hear the word romance, or love, they shut down any topic for their "balls" are to bug to be caught watching it, than yes, Twilight is a great series defiantly worth your time

Uhm...PS3's graphics trample Xbox's grapics, and I'll give you Gears and Fable, but Halo now sucks and L4D wont be progressing anytime soon. plus you dont have to play for PS3 online, the servers are much more deticated, and the community isnt full of arrogant, racist, pricks on PS3. It also doesnt break.

In my opinion, The Beatles did nothing special for music, the just sang about a troublesome time in history. Anyone could of done that. But What Michael Jackson did to music is beyond revolutionary. MJ all the way.

3 points

Well if we are talking old Green Day here, then yes. Green Day all day. But they're starting to diminish from the great band they were, so Fall Out Boy might be slowly taking the lead here

I was very skeptical to click on this debate because you called Green Day and Metallica death metal... but no. If anything it allows you to let out some sort of oppressed or bottled emotion.

2 points

Sure Mario is both iconic and a beast. But in a fight? Sonic all the way. Sonic has actually attacks and power, his greatest attribute being his speed which Mario couldn't keep up with. Mario can only jump.

Kinda obvious what side a true musician would pick. I have this asshole at my school that does nothing but out down my music, and claims to love music more than me, but truly. I love it all.

But the most expensive cigar my money can buy and sit in my house upstairs and play guitar while smoking it, and turn on the stove and let the gas pour out, and when it reaches me. BOOM. Die doing what I love most.

What are you basing off all these statements off of? your obvious fears of homosexuals? Why don't you just kill yourself and stop insulting the lives of men and women who everyday risk their lives for your sorry ass. That way if they died it wouldn't be for a piece of shit like you.

2 points

This is straight up crossing the line. Even your wording of your argument makes me want to punch you in the face. For the record, anyone in the military is 1000 times better of a person than you will ever be, gay or not, and I truly hope you meet a homosexual person one day who gives you the beating of a lifetime and puts your sorry ass in line.

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Winning Position: Should Avatar The Last Airbender be re-created, aimed more towards 16-17 year olds?
Winning Position: Is Shinedown an incredibly talented band? or do they sound almost whiny?

About Me

"You know how every once in a while you come across a guy who you shouldn' have fucked with? thats me"

Biographical Information
Name: Tom O'Rorke
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Republican
Country: United States
Religion: Atheist
Education: High School

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