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RSS Yellowfishyb

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2 points

One you spelt shakespeare wrong two yes they should as they are amazing and add to the literature produced after it has been studied.

Quickly you do realise that the devil is not asupernatural being but is sin right? Satan means adversary and so does not mean there is a red demon thing with hors and a spiky tail. Also in kings it says that God oppposed David in a battle but in the paralel account in chronicles says that Satan opposed David so yeah God cannot turn into an evil incarnated thing...

considering the fact that i am delphi i believe that the trinity would completely cancel out the meaning of the crucifiction thus its kind of stupid...

2 points

no there is no immediate afterlife even the bible says this if you follow it as if there was a heaven or hell then what would be the point of the resurrection in revelation?

Why be afraid of death coming it only makes life scarier as you're worried all the time. It's a natural thing and it happens to everyone so people just need to accept that fact. Not being worried makes life easier to cope with and more interesting as you're not cooped up because of fear.

2 points

Religion isn't just following a deity it is your beliefs and the way you live your life your customs and your traditions.

people will always have a different belief to the person next to them.

If everyone was the same religion then we would still have different say christian then there are loads of denominations and even in the same denomination there are diiferent sectors depending on where they live their parents and how strict their church is.

That is completely against the whole point of prayer you ask for help and forgiveness you don't ask for greed.

0 points

I agree I lost my Sunday School books and kept on praying-ifound them

I lost my phone i prayed- I found it

My friend was seriosly ill and i had no-one to talk about how i felt to i prayed for her- she got better

I was finding it hard to follow the path of righteousness i prayed for guidance- I found my way again.

4 points

No potter is better though jacob is better looking than Harry the books have a better plot like who honestly wants to die just so they don't grow old bella is just really thick

also i love the character Hermione i have been told more than once i have the same personallity as her and i used to look like her but my hair has changed now its just really frizy.

2 points

surely it should be on a friday 13th cos thats meant to be unlucky cos anyway my mates think the worlds gonna end on my b-day which wud be awesome

friday 13 th lol

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Name: beth 
Gender: Girl
Age: 37
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Other
Country: United Kingdom
Religion: Christian-other
Education: High School

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