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RSS Yelnnikcm

Reward Points:3
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-1 points

the states will not be thrown into chaos by the lack of a central gov. we'd still have order and prosper

0 points

the constitution takes away our voice it doesnt take it all the way away but it silences our voice

1 point

power to the states

we should keep the articles we just left a monarchy why go to a monarchy of a group of wannabe kings

we have to pay taxes to the national gov. because we need to pay off debt we owe its our we will pay it ourselves

and no standing army majority of the americans who fought werent soldiers they were civilians

yelnnikcm(3) Clarified
1 point

Through bilateral negotiations that will provide the safest option because North Korea could still be a loose cannon

so just leaving the korean pennisula could mean nothing to them

yelnnikcm(3) Clarified
1 point

North Korea is just waving a new gun they got around thats all.

And as logical people you dont want people who we believe to be a little "on edge" with a weapon like that.

And if we attack or provoke them in anyway it doesnt matter who they shoot at. People will die and I'm not supporting any argument that involves the possibility of a bomb going off

So discuss what to do to get rid of the weapons and the nuclear program

1 point

Mckinnley-(3)"Engage North Korea in Bilateral Negotiations that Involve Concessions on Both Sides"

I think by having this one on one negotiations

it won't be like we're cornering North Korea into giving up any nuclear program

same applies with a pre-emptive military strike, where we are actually cornering them

and just waging any type of conflict against North Korea will bring China into the altercation

just removing American presence from the Korean peninsula could get negotiated in bilateral negotiations

in return of north korea abandoning nuclear programs and weapons

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