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RSS Yoshi

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yoshi(1) Clarified
1 point

"Pro Sonic1. By far, I prefer the Sonic characters. They are very fleshed out, and I believe Eggman to be a far better baddie than bowser. I mean, tbh, you only see that oversized, studded turtle once a game, on one level and he gets defeated pretty easily. Mildly disappointed." bowsers feats may not be that glorious, but. let's take a look at bowser's build. he is three times higher and larger than Mario. according to vsauce, there is a limit to how big a human can be, bowser is very similar to mario's build, who is human by the way. in order to be as big as bowser you would need a much stronger material than bone in order to perform as well as bowser. and for all we know, there is probably an organic material stronger than bone. since bowser is based a bit off of dinosaurs, he most likely has dinosaur bones. after all, dinosaur fossils are very large and MUCH larger than a humans anatomy.

so bowser's existence is somewhat plausible, but surviving a fall into lava obviously isn't. and due to bowser's big build he most likely has big muscles to boot, making him WAAAAAAAYYYYYY stronger than mario. i'm not saying that bowser is better than eggman, in fact, i think eggman is BETTER than bowser.

sonic characters do have a lot of personality and qualities that make them very good. the problem? THEY ARE LIKE SKINNY AS STICKS!

seriously, look at them (most of them, excluding the fat ones) sonic's build is VERY unbalanced, he barely has any flesh on his arms and legs and even his stomach which is bigger than his arms and legs doesn't look any better either. and his head just looks like a giant ton flesh weighing sonic down, this applies to ALL sonic characters excluding the fat ones. sonic would BARELY have ANY energy to perform the feats he does in his games, it's just not possible. and even if you could, your body would most likely be ripped apart by the sheer force being exerted on your body.

even if sonic was a mutant. there's no way that you can drill through robots and run along massive obstacle courses with sonic's type of build, it's just completely unbalanced and the sonic characters look like Nazi death camp victims. even a fat man with an i.q. of 300 building a army of robots is more realistic than the sonic characters as a WHOLE.

Mario characters build is by far superior mainly because they have a very balanced build. even though their heads are rather large, unlike sonic characters, they are much more balanced. and the feats they perform are by far superior. look at this:

"Mario is able to run significantly fast without tiring and jump five times his own height. He is extremely strong with the ability to repeatedly deliver forceful punches, crush enemies with his feet, and destroy bricks with his bare hands. He is also a expert in tennis, golf, kart racing, soccer, baseball, skiing, construction working, demoliton, pyrotechnics, plumbing, handywork, tightrope walking, animal training, hockey, medicine, painting, composing, oil spill cleanup, streetfighting, basketball, surfing, treasure hunting and spacetravel. In can sometimes fly, shoot hammers with deadly accuracy, shoot fireball out of his hands, survive a fall from on top of a castle, and swim like an olympic athelete while seldom (or never) taking a breath. On top of that, he spends most of his time rescuing people in need, (namely, a princess) from a dinosaur that also breathes fire, who lives in a heavily-guarded castle while everthing in sight tries to attack him. He is smart, fast, strong, skilled, and absolutely fearless."

"and this as well" (which is what i wrote by the way).

"Mario can jump at least ten feet in the air, can run at 20-30mph and not break a single sweat even though he is only human, he can punch blocks so hard they explode (misconception: people think that Mario hits blocks with his head even though his fist is clearly above his head, indicating that he punches it, don't know why this doesn't work on enemies, but hey, i don't have a problem with it), he also jumps on goombas and causes their innards to spread about in a horrific manner (this is also true), he can throw highly explosive incendiary fireballs at his enemies causing them to explode into ash. he can also punch a fleshbag 30 feet away from where he is standing and kick them 30 feet high into the air as well, causing them to explode in a bloody manner and have all their innards launched away. (misconception 2: people think that goombas are walking fungus even though they have legs, a lower body, eyes, eyebrows,mouth, teeth and a tongue, they also charge after Mario when they spot him. indicating they are made of flesh, blood and bone), he has also killed so many Goombas that it's darn close to genocide. And then there's Koopas, Piranha Plants, Bob-ombs, Shy-guys, Lakitus, Boos, Dry Bones, Bloopers, and so many others, not to mention all the boss fights that always end in death, except for Bowser and his kids. And what for? Money and women are the most common reasons for murder in the real world, and apparently in the video-game world also: after all, isn't Mario doing it for Princess Peach and a bunch of coins? This just goes to prove we live in a violent world: the one video-game character with the most blood on his hands is also the most popular of them all, plus he can ground pound at an estimate of 80mph in his games, this ground pound can also smash through a limitless amount of blocks that are either 2/3rd's his height or 1 1/3rd's his height, he can also slice his enemies in half with the sheer blunt force of his boomerangs or tanooki tail, so yeah, Mario isn't exactly a weakling either, Mario's body fat appears to balance out his whole body even though we humans know that a chubby plumber would NEVER be able to do the things that Mario does, indicating that all this chubby fat of his that balances his whole body out is ACTUALLY LARGE AMOUNTS OF MUSCLE that balance his body out! he also has a near unlimited amount of lives as well due to all his adventuring. so yeah, the stuff Mario does proves that basically Mario is better than sonic, feat wise."

and that's just counting Mario. in my opinion, Mario and his friends are much better in terms of relationships. look at all 4 of the Mario and Luigi rpgs for gba, ds and 3ds. Mario and luigi are ALWAYS together in those games, they are always out for each other and fighting enemies and working together in order to surpass obstacles. and overall have much brighter personalities.

sonic's characters just seem to be side characters making minor appearances and not doing very much in today's sonic games. they used to be playable and used to show very bright attitudes and displayed a lot of teamwork. but that stopped after sonic 06 (and we all know how much that game sucked).

they used to have big roles in previous sonic games, and the only one with any big role in any sonic game nowadays is tails.

and all the mario characters show very bright personalities in the way they act and communicate with each other.

they even get their own games and have their own adventures. i know that tails had his own games and shadow did too. but those are rather mediocre and not really good games.

Mario games and characters receive much better care and don't usually have their creators running out on them and they don't usually make bad games.

although sonic did save the world MANY times, as i said before, they are basically sticks and their feats aren't exactly feasible or plausible within a realistic perspective. so they wouldn't exactly have the ability to save the world.

Mario on the other hand, as i said before in a copy and paste of an earlier post i made + another persons post means that Mario has a much better and bigger chance of being able to overcome the obstacles within his games.

so while sonic characters are struggling to get their overgrown heads off the ground, Mario and his friends are saving kingdoms, worlds, galaxies and even the entire universe from the evil clutches of the ever powerful bowser.

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