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RSS Youngjefe

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1 point

You are exactly right, Iranians hate America and as soon as they remove their current peaceful leader we will be soon dealing with another North Korea. The sanctions being lifted will give Iran billions of dollars to hide until the deal is over and they will use that money for nuclear weapons.

1 point

The Nuclear Deal with Iran is a terrible one, we are paying terrorists not to attack America while giving them money that'll fund terror on our allies. The deal is temporary which gives Iran a perfect opportunity to get enough money from America through new restricts on sanctions to be able to completely restore their nuclear programs that after the deal ceases.

2 points

We need to move towards the new Constitution if our goal is to build a unified nation, the nation was too divided under the Articles of Confederation. The Articles gave individual states too much powerful and freedom. There was no national currency, so trading with foreign nations was practically impossible and our national military was too weak if invaded by Foreigners or Indians.

1 point

North Korea does want war! They just aren't powerful enough yet to launch full scale attacks on the places they really want to. If we let North Korea build 100s of High-Powered ICBMs then we're only risking a full scale on ourselves that could wipe out our entire nation once Kim Jong Un feels he has lived long enough and wants to go out in a blaze of glory.

1 point

Option 1 is the best way to deal with pesky North Korea. Option 1 allows the US to use our brute military forces instead of debating with an incompetent leader like Kim Jong Un. Kim's demands will be too great and it will only make our government look weak trying to cooperate with a guy who starves his own people to build rockets. If we completely leave the Korean Peninsula there will be nothing to stop him from expanding his Missile Systems and then attacking the rest of the Peninsula. If we leave the Korean Peninsula, then we leave Japan and South Korea at risk & they don't have any nuclear weapons to defend themselves from a full scale attack. We are the police of the world to ensure our own safety from people like Kim Jong Un and taking him out maybe seems bad at first, but it's for the greater good of the world.

1 point

I choose the first option, because if we try to negotiate with North Korea we'll only look weaker. They aren't the people to talk with. They continuously threaten the US & now they are developing ICBM which makes them a serious threat to homeland security especially if China stop trading with them. North Korea's back is against the ropes and fighting against the world's superpowers is the only legitimate chose for a small, isolated country like North Korea, because they will not trust us enough to disband their nuclear program and we don't trust them enough to allow them to make Hundreds of ICBMs and potentially wipe out the world. Therefore, option 1 allows us to use our power against them while we still have the upper-hand.

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