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RSS Yudish9

Reward Points:27
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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

When i said `its not good for adults`,i mean married people.Its not good for a married life

1 point

They are born to do so.Each persons are born with a special different thing.For some people they are born to be criminals

2 points

He is not a dancer but a singer.He has billions of fans especially girls.

-1 points

He does not steal,stupid.Just trying to dance.Don`t make it rude

0 points

R U all mad.He is a top singer.

Check his best song

His history

He is doing so well at 15yrs.

1 point

But there are many many organization against it.They say it can spoil the future...

1 point

I say YES.Youngsters can`t have sex but at least can masturbate on these films.But i don`t think its good for adults.

1 point

Rivers play a major role in shaping the surface features of the Earth. Even apparently arid desert regions are greatly influenced by river action when periodic floodwaters surge down usually dry watercourses.

1 point

Latter on the fetus becomes a human.That is it is killed BEFORE being transformed to a human.It is being prevented from being a human.

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Winning Position: The advantages of a zoo
Winning Position: MADE
Winning Position: yes.of course its normal
Winning Position: Impotance of rivers.
Winning Position: Arguments FOR

About Me

"Hardworking boy"

Biographical Information
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Republican
Country: Mauritius
Education: In College

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