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RSS Zacklee1986

Reward Points:59
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1 point

Actually , it totally depends on the practisers who grasp on their on thinking . In my point of view , I don't see any conflict between the co-existence of these 2 thinkings . Apple appears in the eye of beholder , as a matter of fact, both deliver positive sort of teachings . Neer do I notice that these will coupled with myriads of shortcomings or disadvantages , instead , what do matters is the individual itself . Bias thought , will indefinitely , bring about disastrous and unpredictable conflicts and blood-shredding events . Hence , we should treat both of them in a balanced and just manner .

1 point

For sure , man is filled with a concoction of emotions beyond his souls . Not to against that man is devoid of rational thinkings , however , having rational thinkings and with the absence of emotions , man is the clone of robotic devices .

Why do I say so ? Robotic devices is being manufactured just to cope with man's urge of rapid and spontaneous decisions in a vast multitude of professions . By weighing so , hence , subtracted away the emotional perspective of man , it is no further accuse that man is the sub-product of robotic devices , not the man that we are now .

Does anyone agree with me ?

1 point

No. In my point of view , an action that has no appropriate string attached (law enforcement , personal limitation , social rules .. and the like) , would most probably play havoc with our personal and others safety. Freedom in administering one's opinions to the public is acceptable , only if there is some attached rules and regulations . Once pros and cons are being delivered unto a person , group , society or even country , the impact that come in parallel is literally unimaginable . To be pessimictic , just on the worst side of the scenario , all critiques , accuses of no bases and facts that throw towards a party , would , of no doubt , create turbulence in no time . Right ?

1 point

In my opinion , I assume that there'll be no such a disaster or mayhem occur in the near future . Else , human race will be wipe out from this universe , poof..... history come to a full-stop .

Rather to mention that apocalypse fall on earth , I would think that it will only occur post-colonisation of human race of the adjacent planets . Saying so , human race will not come to an extinction . If so , then I wonder why all of us are so petrifying in considering of the apocalypse and doomsday . Be calm and steady ...... :)

4 points

For the nonce , China has risen into a gigantic force that would easily affect global economic balance , as USA does . Judging the aspect of military and financial , it has surely biased towards China ....

0 points

On account of the advance of technology ,for the nonce , it is , inextricably , most of our privacy is being deprived of . Nonetheless , with some sacrifices made , we could bask in a multitude array of luxurious and unimaginable hightech gadgets .

Some may address that , it is unacceptable to let go our sacred region - privacy , trading for more soothing ambience . Since the birth of human race , knowledge is being accumulated from our ancestors toil . Despite of our reluctance , still , the path is being mimicked .

In a nutshell , should the spring of CCTV all around our neighbourhood can make some distinctive contribution to our safety and so forth devoid of our privacy intrusion , then , it is supportively for the Government to post CCTV .

2 points

Every single things that around us , put effects on us . There's a law of taking and giving according to the forensic studies .

Beholding on the cartoons , one would undetected being influenced by it . Not to say much, such as , children can easily memorised whole cartoon theme song within few episodes . Adults , undeniably , get to know what's the cartoon's characters , names and so to say , after accompanying their children watching cartoons .

1 point

I don't mean that staying under a same roof will hurt one's relationship . In the other way round , keeping an distinct distance between a couple , has certainly more advantages in the long journey of relationship .

Holding back some mysteries of oneself from the other soulmate , will definitely spring the safeness and long-lasting bonds among the couples . Let say , if a man just pouring out every single details of his , then the other partner will inextricably lose the want to him .

So , I think that , distance in the fashion of freedom is of utmost important in keeping a stable bond between couples .

2 points

It depends on the circumstances . When it comes to time in defending yourself from being abused by the elderly , or even your beloved but uncaring parents , then retaliate is the only choice .

Though, occasionally , parents are the ones that will care and pamper us . Hence, if parents spanking you reasonably , then you should hold back your temper and admit to your wrongdoings .

1 point

No way . A person's life is the utmost essential asset . There , more often than not , are solutions outrun problems , right ? I've gut to address that very soon human is going out of this long-dependant Mother Earth - into the outter space . At that very moment , the topic that we are more concern is , "Is there enough human resource to cope with the expense of colonization of the neighbouring planets , to unleash the mines within ? "

For now , skyscrappers will be an excellent method in tackling this issue .

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Biographical Information
Name: zack lee
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Republican
Country: United States

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