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1 point

You make a good point about how we did not show Bush any respect, then again he didn't deserve any. Obama does deserve some respect at least until he does half of what Bush did. The man hasn't done anythig except give speeches and people hate him already. He can't get anything done because everyone thinks he's out to get them or something.

1 point

Christianity is a religion based on sun worship. The "God" Christians worship once had a name according to the Old Testament, "Yahweh". The title of "God" was instituted to put an end to all worship of other gods and deities for tighter control of the masses. The Ten commandments come straight from the Egyptian Book of the Dead Spell 125, they just rearranged the words. Study history and you'll see how man once had many gods and worshiped the sun and then you'll realize how Christianity was created to control the masses. Educate yourself first, believe second.

2 points

It does not. Straight people who have been married several times does though. What minimizes marriage is the rate of divorce, not what sexes are married. People act like marriage is this sacred thing, what's so sacred about it? Law should not be dictated by preference. This is a civil rights arguement the same as when African-Americans and women fought for the right to vote. Back then, you had oppostion just like you do today. And they're wrong to deny anyone the right to marry whomever they please because it has nothing to do with you or me and it won't stop people from being gay. Lets grow up America.

1 point

Belief in God does not dictate a good moral character and that is obvious by the wars we fight, the priests who molest children, the countless acts of violence carried out in God's name/title, people who profit from running religious organizations (i.e. televangelists) etc.

We're a nation that puts "In God we trust" on our currency. If that's not the most blatant contradiction I've ever seen regarding man's claimed allegiance to God...I don't know what is. "God", used to be many gods if you're brushed up on what we now call astrology and mythology. Today, the catch-all term, "God" and the Bible, are used to erase any memory of man's true history and origins so that we may be better controlled by one singular deity who doesn't even exist. I will gladly burn in hell if I'm wrong.

7 points

How can anyone compare the President of the United States to Hitler or Stalin? It's insulting to me and my country. Barrack Obama is not a dictator, we have 3 branches of government that work together to create laws and form policy. One man does not control the nation and it's a grave misconception to believe that. There's nothing wrong disagreeing with the policies of the White House, but comparing your president to mass murderers is ludicrous. Hitler didn't go around the world apologizing to other countries for wrong doing. Stalin didn't care if all his citizens received health care regardless of their employment status. Obama has been in office about 9 months and has really got nothing done. How can we say he's like anyone yet? These ridiculous and nonsensical arguments are being created by the media and making a mockery of our great nation and the office of the presidency, no matter who is president. If you're an American, you should be insulted that anyone from this country, not to mention our commander in chief, could ever be compared to anyone like Hitler or Stalin.

-1 points

I agree 100%. This is a cultural issue and not a political one.

-2 points

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