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RSS Zebrakin

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1 point

I would say yes but not because they are less gullible. Because they are more convinced in their own ability to reason things. They become the epitome of everything rational and logical. And so, for them, to believe in something that they themselves did not create would seem foolish to them and weak.

I would say it's more of pride then of actually being smarter than the insignificant little ones that believe in God.

1 point

No God is that ridiculous. I happen to love shrimp and I'm a Christian.

-1 points

They have a million wives and go house to house wearing suits. Not christians.

1 point

Not at all, my good man. It's what you THINK about Jesus that makes you a Christian or not.

1 point

Thats real disgusting.

I wonder if muslims know about this....

8 points

of course. Looking around us we see things that cant be explained away by futile theories created by people to fill the void in their life.

Take Yellowstone. Travel there, walk around and tell me if it takes more faith to believe that it was a random act of evolution or a planned act of an all-powerful God.

-1 points

I have not seen any animal turning into another recently to be honest...

And I'd rather prefer not to think of myself as coming from an ape. Not too regal you see.

1 point

it would throw off the crazy unexpectedness of it all. There would be no guinness book of world records cause most people would see they were going to die. It would be full of people in iceland with 8 ft long beards...i mean not like anyone reads guinness books anyways...but thats another topic.

Also we'd all spend our whole life counting down the seconds (yes we would) and thinking up ways to avoid death. Look, were human we dont want to die we dont want to see the end of something like life.

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