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1 point

I don't think that all of us write every thing correctly

and please be polite we are debating here not fighting

1 point

yes actually i agree with you because if students have free education they will love their country and they will be able to be more creative

just like UAE for example

1 point

I think that students need to study abroad , because in this situation they will get more opportunities to have a good careers and they will have a good language which will help them in their jobs , i also think that students who study abroad attend to be more responsible.

finally ((it will change your life , and you will come back a new person))

1 point

But we cant measure that on other students and we cant blame them because others are irresponsible , this kind of students is not the majority there are a lot of students who love their countries and care about their future.

we can also teach students how to care and be more responsible thats why we have teachers , and I am sure that a lot of students can be changed but if we just taught to care more.

1 point

OK if you want a list i will give you some :

Bahrain, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, north Korea, Iraq ,Egypt, Andorra,Monaco,British Virgin Islands,Qatar ,The Bahamas,Oman,Brunei ,Cayman Islands,Anguilla ,Maldives ,Turks and Caicos,Vanuatu.

all those countries have ZERO INCOME TAXES .

3 points

YES IT SHOULD ..... It is a well known fact that we learn by repetition and children nowadays play these games like for every day and for to long hours , for sure these games are full of shooting and killing and if we wont to teach children peace , how come they will learn any thing about peace if they are playing such as these games ,These games were originally designed for military training to help soldiers overcome their hesitancy in shooting the enemy not to let our children to play with

1 point

I totally agree with you , Tablets help students learn more material faster. Technology-based instruction can reduce the time students take to reach a learning objective by 30-80%, according to the US Department of Education and studies by the National Training and Simulation Association , also tablets PCs can carry hundreds of books without caring about the weight , and one of the most important thing is that students will love to read more because this generation love technology but for me I love reading a real book not an electronic books but for people who hate reading we can make them adore reading by using the electronic books and use some apps to summarize the book that they have read.

1 point

colleges will never be cheaper , if they are going to make it cheaper they will add more fees every year and in this way will not get any benefits .

1 point

Learning should not be out of anyone’s reach.Learning and education should not be privileges enjoyed only by the wealthy , and it is morally wrong for teenagers and their parents to be forced to incur thousands and thousands of dollars in debt for an education, in this way parents and teenagers will feel more exhausted from all of that, and this will reflect badly on the students lives because they will think a lot about which college they will go?, how much they will pay ?, and more of different questions will make the student destructed and disappointed

Winning Position: pro-free college education

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