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Depends. The outcome of some modern technology solely depends on the usage of the user. For example, the smartphone is used in order to have ease of communication with people from anywhere around the world. Applications on the smartphone can also be used to facilitate work and studies, eg. Dictionaries or online encyclopedias. With the use of such resources, the user is able to gain access to the large deposit of information available on the internet. However, wrong usage of smartphones will lead to dire consequences. Addiction to games on the smartphone will often cause one to overlook his priorities, wasting and spending his time on his phone. Distractions by the smartphone causes the user to deviate away from his more important work, leading to productivity lose and future consequences. Social problems also arises as people tend to focus on their smartphones instead of trying to interact with each other in social events.

Hence, modern technology does not always improves the quality of people's lives as the outcome depends on the usage of the user. In order to reap the most benefits from modern technology such as smartphones, important control measures such as government campaigns should be introduced to warn smartphone users the consequences of overdependence on smartphones. With a better understanding and control of modern technology, it will surely benefit the lives of everyone.

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