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RSS Zproach

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It's sex... it is the insertion of an engorged pleasure membrane into, another engorged (but not as much), pleasure membrane. Then friction is created by the use of movement. This stimulates the nerves in both engorged pleasure membranes. This ultimately leads to an intense sensation of pleasure in either one, or both participants... are neither sometimes I guess.

that's it... chill your nips.

1 point

Although the lack of money can make one unhappy, money itself cannot guarantee happiness. This is exemplified by those who inherit a large sum only to live life in despair.

2 points

Russia is in too much disarray to do anything.

Japan has very strong economical ties to the USA... plus the don't have any nuclear bombs.

1 point

Yes, it is a good system because it ensures that the Government will meet the expectations of the most people possible. The rights of the people should be met under a democratic system more than monarchic system. People will look out for their own good... so if government policy is determined by the people then the most people should get what the want.

1 point

When a student is using a locker it is essentially rented out to them. I am not sure about every school I know that my school requires students to sign a contract when they receive the locker.

Keeping schools drug and weapon free is important to ensuring a quality education, and it's not unreasonable to search lockers for drugs and weapons.

2 points

To be fair...

The monarchy in the UK is purely ceremonial... they don't hold any real power.

And the UK doesn't even have a constitution.

1 point

I just used war as an example of why traditions are not necessarily good. It's just an analogy...

Protein from plants is the same as protein from meat... go figure... there aren't a lot of types of protein out there. Yeah...they just need to take Iron capsules... I don't see anything wrong with that.

1 point

...fuck you

Religious bigots like yourself hinder societal advancement. The Islamic faith is reputable and legitimate based off of peace and love for mankind. Sure perhaps some of their traditional practices are questionable, but what religion doesn't have questionable traditions?

And Governments shouldn't advocate any religion because it violates in the first amendment.

4 points

There are other forms of protein besides that which comes from animal flesh.

Sure, it's been around forever...but so has war.. does that mean war is better than peace... just because something is a tradition that doesn't mean it is good?

1 point

Okay... you're not really arguing anything at this least I think

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