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Do you predict that the US will default on its debt?

Given the current economic status of the United States, do you think the country will default on it's debt? If so, how do you think this would affect US citizens? OPEC? Foreign affairs (trade, China, Israel, Middle East, etc.)?


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As much as I honestly believes the President wants this, I don't think Congress would allow it.

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Spoonerism(831) Disputed
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You must be delusional or thinking of a different US. The president clearly does NOT want this, but the Republicans have me worried. They seem more concerned about politicizing the issue to score points with constituents than know....running our country (and I don't mean into the ground).

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Desire in this matter is irrelevant. If we can't pay our debts, than it doesn’t matter if Congress would allow it.

Greece comes to mind. They basically defaulted on their debt when Greek bond holders have been asked to accept a 21% loss, Greece couldn't pay their debt in its entirety even if they wanted to. Even if their government taxed the people 100% of their income, they couldn’t pay it off.

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