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Does have any integrity? seems to let small mobs rule what happens. A user there named Qopel, got vote bombed over and over. In his frustration he tried to fight back, and in return he got  petitioned to put him "on trial". When it was pointed out that those who wanted to put him on trail did worse than what Qopel did, "YYW" responded, "Irrelevant. Even if his actions were acts of reciprocity, they were still harmful to the site."

So, the integrity of only matters when it comes to certain people. Double standards do not create integrity. has no integrity.


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We ever met Qopel, but I am RationalMadman. Happy to meet you.

We have a common hatred of that bench. ;)

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Qopel(15) Disputed
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Then why do you vote "yes" the have integrity? I think you mad a mistake? What was your experience with them? I'm interested to find out what their problem is.

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Then why do you vote "yes"

Because Prodigee is a shameless point whore who answer on both sides of most debates.

Welcome to CreateDebate Qopel.

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Del1176(4964) Clarified
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Imabench is essentially the one member dedicated to get whoever he wants off that site ASAP.

If you piss him off even slightly he will get you banned within a week. He's very good at what he does.

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Just because you guys got kicked from the site it doesnt mean it doesnt have any integrity, it just means that its too classy for you two to be allowed in.

Just about everyone here on createdebate could go to DDO and be welcomed with open arms, many of them wont but still, the door is open. You two though (Qopel and whatever RM is hiding as these days) caused so much trouble you had to be kicked from the site because you were too stupid to be kept around.... DDO may have slipped over time in terms of integrity, but it certainly still has some even though you cant bring yourselves to admit it ;)

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They demanded that I verify my Ismaila account with a mobile phone number. I do not have a mobile phone. This is discrimination.

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imabench(6) Clarified
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they dont do it to discriminate, they do it to prevent people from making multiple accounts and then voting up their own debates. In fact there are even ways to get around giving a phone number so that you can still become a member of the site

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Sitara(11082) Disputed
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It is stupid. They have no right to ask for phone numbers. .

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0 points (DDO) is a democracy where the majority always wins. It's a piss-take of a site.

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