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Europeans Are Uppity And think They Know Everything!


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An obvious and very predictable stereotype.


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Many are and there might be one on this site (and no, Axemeister, I'm not talking about you), but this is a stereotype that isn't accurate most of the time. I've traveled all over Europe and found the majority of the people I came accross to be very down to earth and pleasant... even the French. (of course I've never been to Ireland... just JK'ing Gary)

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There are "uppity" people in all cultures. They just seem to make themselves more visible and irritating. But I would never say one group of people are bigger snobs that others.

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Exactly, look at the whole picture not a few people who you met....You are judging them...Is it humane to judge every single person cause one or 2 are like that?? Ridiculous!

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I think this stereotype may have arisen because on average europeans are better educated than americans as the education system in america pales in comparison to europe(due to lack of government funding), yet america still manages to spend more on bombs than all the countries of the world combined.

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