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Food chain

I'm from the untamed parts, where few people go
where I can throw a lethal blow
and let you see the show
when I puncture seven thousand cerebral lobes
and you can even go
and snitch, cause' there's no law here,  it's all legal yo
I'm in an African jungle
in a cave, catchin' a couple
rappers slappin' their frontal
lobes back until they crash in to the walls
so hard it collapses the tunnel

I can wrap a lemur around the throat of a hyena
while I slap a cheetah
and send it hurtling into a pack of zebras
writing craft elite a-
-dapt to heat in the vast arena
of the savanna with ice packs on my weener

I've got the pencil pace
of a mental case
I'll never let an existential waste
like you through my temple's gates

I'm the king, lions bring me fine things
like offerings of meat, and even help me when I'm fighting
I'm the dragon riding
wrath applying
mass demise devising
psychopathic guy, think
that I'm lying?
The Mayans bow down when they see my space craft arriving

you rappers will be paste on my feet
Sv3rige wouldn't even use you for high meat
I can counter anything you say so why speak?
I'm on top of the food chain, and I feast

I'm a carnivore, fuck vegetables
unless of course I'm wrapping nori sheets around your testicles
special eclectical raps, 
fuck the ethical crap
I'll pull out your whole intestinal tract
and I'll wrap it around your neck and squeeze out your breath in a snap

I came out here so I could be straight lethal
plus I love nature, and I hate people
I don't give a shit what you say, you're a gay weasel
I'll send you out without a paddle on lake fecal

I split a cranium
when the shit in it's insanely dumb
I got enough enriched uranium
to make a bomb as big as the biggest stadium
people try to tell me how to change and I quit debating em'
cause' I won't waste my time on these bitches, I'll just be wasting em'

you''ll get fuckin' chopped
 and stuffed in pots
seasoned up and brought
to a boil to foil your fuckin' plots
I gave you a dozen socks
to the gut and top
and severed your nuts and cock
that's enough, I'll stop

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