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No free speech rape me with your lies
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Free speech is a useless right and gives corporations and politicians the right to lie

1. You can never have free speech even if you have free speech, you can still get kicked out of places or banned from forums and websites for saying things people don't like or even arrested if you say something that threatens the establishment.
2. When people have free speech they are allowed to lie.
3. Free speech helps people get away with being stupid and spreading misinformation both deliberately and out of sheer stupidity. For example it's a scientific fact that evolution is real and anthropogenic climate change is real, you shouldn't be allowed to tell people otherwise, even your own children. Because when you do, you are either being stupid, dishonest, or both.

No free speech

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rape me with your lies

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Your first point is incoherent.

Let people lie. If the lie concerns money or something like that it is still illegal, but you want to make it illegal for a kid to lie about forgetting their homework?

And you think stupid people shouldn't be allowed to talk?

I don't like kids being told evolution is inaccurate, but to make it illegal for parents to tech their children what they want is very authoritarian and dare I say fascist.

Kind of ironic given that you seem to think you are anti-fascist as per your video link.

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