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Strawberry Jelly? No! Martin Luther King? No!
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Guess what & who has now been declared RAAAACIST?

During the past few decades various types of medical equipment, such as the oxymeter were developed in the west, primarily by white dominated surgical implement manufacturers. 
As these implements were produced by white research scientists in predominately white countries their performances were unintentionally more effective when used on white patients than they were on blacks .
The Covid-19 disease highlighted the difference in the accuracy of analysis and depth of severity of a range of medical conditions between the white and black races. 
The discovery of this unintentional and wholly understandable racial inequity in the performance of the instruments immediately spawned the usual and predictable calls of ''RAAAAACISM'' 
Over-night POP-UP investigations published the results of their ''intensive and comprehensive'' ( such a fucking yarn) two day survey!!! which, STRANGELY ENOUGH, claimed that blacks were much less likely to receive the same high level of care from doctors as whites. 

Strawberry Jelly? No!

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Martin Luther King? No!

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Media broadcasters including Sky News, had headlines consisting of veiled accusations such as ;- Is the medical world RAAAACIST?

Blacks cannot develop their own medical instrumentation nor produce sufficient numbers of doctors so they blame whites on not directing their inventive genius and superior brains towards looking after their health needs.

This really is the world gone wok mad.

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I would ask a couple of genuine questions here;- why can darkies not bring into existence their own research and development establishments along with precision engineering companies which could design and manufacture medical equipment more suitable for those of color?


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What these politically motivated accusations highlight is the extent to which the blacks and woks believe that the world, the white world that is, owes them a living.

I too had a dream.

I dreamt that one day the blacks would look around their immediate surroundings, and then scan the sorry state of almost all black states and come to recognize their woeful inadequacies, and how they would perish without the support of whites.

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All this RAAAACIST blustering also underlines the fact that despite the lefties and woks screaming that apart from skin color there is no difference between blacks and whites, there most definitely are many significant genetic differences between the two races.

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