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 If there were a prenatal test for being Gay, are you OK with killing the baby? (8)

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If there were a prenatal test for being Gay, are you OK with killing the baby?

If they had a test for being Gay, which of course there is no such thing, would you still support the right to kill Gay babies? Are you Homophobic? To me, nothing could be more homophobic then killing babies simply for being Gay.

It always amazes me how the Democrat Party supports No Restriction abortions, even if the baby is viable. They even support killing Special Need's babies simply for being different and diverse.

Seems as though the Left supports the politics of discrimination, of bigotry, of intolerance of Diversity, of Racism, etc.

When you vote for the Democrat Party, you are part of this inhuman intolerance!

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The pro abortion Democrats on this site love making excuses why it is acceptable to execute poor babies, unwanted babies, Special Need's babies, girl babies, boy babies, etc. etc., but when you start getting down to the core inhuman act, and start describing the people being killed by their sexual orientation, etc., does it give you pause?

If we broke down the exact reasons why millions of lives are snuffed out, is the notion of ethnic cleansing palatable to your senses?

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Refer to one of your last million debates over the last few years.


Get a life.

FromWithin(8240) Disputed
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You call that an answer? You just did what every other Liberal on this site always does, and that is insult me without ever refuting what I said.

You know why you never refute my words? Because it's the simple truth... and you can't handle the truth of who you are and what you support!

Atrag(5556) Disputed
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As I've said: your arguments have already been refuting. You have been here for years making the same argument over and over.

Still waiting for an answer!...................................................................................