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 If 'you' were allowed to kill any person for no reason, would you? (6)

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If 'you' were allowed to kill any person for no reason, would you?

This question isn't asking so much, if killing was legal who you'd kill. but rather asking if you as an individual were exempt from the legal repercussions of killing a person, would you act on that privledge, why or why not?

In addition to this question I ask, if killing a person was generally legal, would you partake? Would you have judgements over those who did or didn't? Would they be able to justify why they killed whoever they killed to you? What if their justification was ultimately "I disliked them"?

Please answer all of these questions, and thanks.

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If I, and I alone, were specifically granted an exception to laws regarding murder- a license to kill, as it were- it would ostensibly be because I am required to fulfill some kind of duty for the government controlling the territory in question; as such, I probably would, in the course of carrying out said duty.

If the 'license to kill' was granted to me arbitrarily, rather than in connection with a specific assignment or role that warranted it, and it took the form of basically being able to kill whomever I wanted at my own discretion, I might, though only under very specific circumstances. I wouldn't kill anyone at random, though I would likely be more aggressive in a self defense situation, or when coming to the aid of another.

If killing were generally legal, I would be even more likely to partake, though still limited to specific circumstances as noted; the increased likelihood of killing someone myself would be due to the knowledge that others are free to kill me as well, which would generally encourage me to escalate to lethal force first.

And yes, I would still be pretty personally judgemental against those partaking in killing for reasons that I deem immoral. They may be able to justify that, but if their ultimate justification was just that they disliked the individual, I believe that I would respond by killing them- even in the absence of laws to that effect, someone willing to kill just because they dislike someone represents an unpredictable and very serious threat to myself and mine, and I'd opt to remove the threat before SOMEONE in my family inevitably finds themselves disliked by the individual.

As an aside: Am I also extended a license for cannibalism? I've got a nice bottle of Chianti here that I'm not doing anything with...

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Yes. The thrill.

Yes .



I wouldn't care.


I don't think I would have the guts to kill someone in all honesty. As much as I agree that there are a ton of people in this world that deserve death, I simply couldn't go through with it.

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At the moment I really want to kill a certain Julien Blanc. I'm pretty sure I could go through with it, if I could be bothered.

Would I act on the privilege of being able to kill someone. Well, I personally think that is what sets us apart from people like ISIS. we actually have a conscience, and I don't think I could live with my conscience on something like this, unless it was self defense. Unless you are a person who has experienced death, it is impossible to know how much it really does hurt when someone you know or love has died. Unless I or someone else was in danger I couldn't do it. Back in the day groups like the baldknobbers used to have free license to kill. they were vigilantes. It was quick, swift justice without the court system. it was all good until the baldknobbers started to just kill people at random, and for minor offenses. That would be the fatal flaw with that system.

Never, I'd feel incredibly guilty if I committed a crime like that. It's also against my religion so I wouldn't do it. I wouldn't do it for personal reasons either.