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 Imagine what Dems could have accomplished when Obama won & had control of Congress. (1)

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Imagine what Dems could have accomplished when Obama won & had control of Congress.

For two years the Democrat party had control of the Senate, the House, and Presidency. Lets take a look at their accomplishment with the same issues they have railed about for decades.

So called Climate Change - Nothing accomplished!

Taxing the Rich to supposedly fund their Socialist goals - Nothing accomplished!

Black people moving up the ladder, getting jobs - Nothing accomplished!

People on food stamps - record numbers signing up for the program

Border control - kick the can down the road

Terrorism - ISIS came to power

National Debt - DOUBLED in eight years!

Economy - on life support for eight years, even while trying to resuscitate by keeping interest rates at zero %.

As most of us all know, the Democrat Party never wants to actually fix any of their pet issues. They regurgitate these same talking points decade after decade purely for political purposes. They understand that keeping Americans tied to Government dependence is their bread and butter.

The one thing they focused on in those two years of control was forcing through their hideous healthcare plan - Obamacare was as bad as every Republican knew it would be. The working man could not afford the HUGE premiums and deductibles. As always with Democrat programs, the only people benefiting were the Left's low income base. Pandering to their base! That is always the priority of the Democrat Party. The working man can go bankrupt for all they care!

Look what Trump accomplished with those same two years of Republican control and no Democrat support! This is what true leadership looks like when the Party truly wants to help fix America's problems.
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So you see, low end voters have been given that name for a reason.

They keep electing the same proven liars, expecting things to change!

You know the saying... fool me once, shame on you... fool me a millions times, we are the fools!