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Hell Yeah! No, but you might get beat up
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Is it illegal to make upskort videos?

A skort is a skirt with shorts sewn in them.  So if you take your brand new, spiffy camera and start taking unsolicited pictures, will they throw your ass in jail?

Hell Yeah!

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No, but you might get beat up

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I know, who would want to do such a stupid thing, right? But let's just say I'm retarded (it's not so far fetched and yes, I know, it's not politically correct either, but let's just say, ok? For arguments sake.) and just answer the freaking question ;)

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zombee(1024) Disputed
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Is it illegal to take intimate pictures without the permission of the subject? Yes.

Also, the only people I see wearing skorts anymore are usually younger than 7 so that's probably a couple extra years in jail.

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So how is it that people get away with taking pictures of celebrities ;)

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I don't see why someone would wan't to make one in the first place. It invades privacy. Also, learn how to spell. If you are in the 3rd grade, chances are you won't be able to make one.

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DaWolfman(3321) Disputed
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Your whole argument is confusing.

People have strange fetishes.

It does indeed invade privacy.

Who needs to learn how to spell?

Who said anyone was in 3rd grade?

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would be any different then sticking a camera inside someones jacket and taking a picture of their shirt?

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It depends on the circumstance. In public spaces (i.e streets), there is no expectation of privacy, so you can take pictures of or videotape a vast number of things: including basically any person, people boning in a park or someone's underwear. Or even skorts.

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come on. since people want to wear, we want to look! LOLL!

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