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Is it true that Westerners like criticizing and Chinese like praising?


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I think it's more, Westerners like innovating and Chinese like stealing.

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marcusmoon(586) Clarified
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"Westerners like criticizing and Chinese like praising" and "Westerners like innovating and Chinese like stealing" are totally compatible statements.


Westerners like criticizing and innovating

Criticism is how Westerners identify flaws, and become motivated to innovate in order to improve the things we criticize.

Chinese like praising and stealing (technology)

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then the Chinese copying the fruits of Western innovation and using Western technology is tantamount to praise of Western culture and achievement.

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Impirum(246) Clarified
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You haven't answered my question. I am asking if Chinese like praising because they are f*ckingly optimistic and Westerners like criticizing because they are more pessimistic than Chinese.

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