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Is underage drinking ever OK?

Is underage drinking ever OK?  I am really not talking about the age in the picture below, but 16? 18? 19? 20?  Why 21?

Please share your thoughts on if it is ok and why it is ok!



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How else do you get them to go to sleep :)

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Absolutely, if you start at a younger age in a controlled environment they you're more likely to understand how much is too much. Or you'll lose interest in getting drunk.

My mom always let me drink when I was at home, she even made me mixed drinks if I asked, and when I got to the age that you drink with your friends I rarely got drunk. I've only been drunk about three times in my life, and the first time was at home with mom.

I have no interest in drinking that much, and I know how much is my stopping point.

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I think it's okay as long as you're a responsible parent and don't allow them to drink and drive, LOL

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Well, you can try to be responsible as much as you want but still... sometimes the little buggers get a little nutty!

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Bwahahaha!! And then the little rascals try to flee the scene before mom and dad find out they've been drinking their stash, LOL

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binge drinking is always unhealthy, but moderate drinking is actually very healthy. This hysteria on not letting the young drink comes from the idea that anyone who drinks just does it to get drunk.

Now, I don't think this means that all parents should just be giving their kids alcohol, but I think they should pay mind to research on alcohol. A little bit starting at a young age may not be bad at all. It's more about discretion than a fear of some kind of poison.

I'm actually against age limits on substance abuse, especially for alcohol. Alcohol is not as dangerous as everyone tries to make it seem. It's just when you're taking shots at a party of 151 when it becomes a problem.

Hell, my great aunt drank red wine every night since she was a little girl and lived to be 102.

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Honestly, it's the kids that I knew who grew up in families that we're like "here have a drink" that had a better relationship with alcohol in the long-run than those who never drank when they were young. Most of my friends were from German Catholic families. It was no big deal at all for them to have beer or two when they were as young as ten. Because they grew up with alcohol, it wasn't any big deal to them. It was just a drink.

I grew up in a conservative Baptist family. I didn't even smell a beer until I was in college.

And because I had never drank I didn't have any clue on how to handle it. It got ugly... Stayed ugly.

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It depends. Can you handle alcohol in a proper way?

If one is mature enough to do so, I don't see why not.

What I personally don't like, are the consequences of alcohol. I don't think we should take away the age limit of buying alcohol, simply because the hangovers can be more than just a headache.

I think you all know that when you're drunk, you are not aware of what you are doing. You can do dangerous and stupid things, that you would never do if you were sober.

I am talking about getting pregnant, fights .. you name all the dangerous things you can get into while not being 100% conscious.

These things can happen to people at all age, I know - but an average 25 year old is a lot smarter when it comes to alcohol, than an average 15 year old.

But of course, it depends on the person - I don't think you should throw one age group in a pile and say, no one of them are smart enough to handle a particular thing.

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underage drinking will soon get teens and older people drunk. They may be addicted to alcohol and drink drive and take lives.

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Minors should not be drinking alcohol. Minors must be protected.

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If your caught your ass should get busted...

So just do what I do, don't get caught!

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