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Mark this moment, Kavanaugh is DONE!

Mark this moment as the beginning of the end of Trump and the GOP.  Kavanaugh is finished and what comes next is a political bloodbath for the GOP.  The House will turn blue and very likely the Senate will as well.  Finally!

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1. Ford passed a polygraph test, the results of which The Washington Post reviewed. Kavanaugh has refused to take a polygraph test.

2. Ford first went to her congressional representative with her story long before Kavanaugh was nominated by Trump because she knew Kavanaugh was unfit and felt it was her patriotic duty to step forward to save the country from his Supreme court appointment and wanted to head it off before he was nominated. She wanted her congressional representative to contact the White House and tell them her story.

3. She told other people about the alleged attack years before Kavanaugh was a Supreme Court nominee.

4. She allowed her records from a therapy session about it to be reviewed by The Post.

5. Ford says she didn’t want to come forward and decided to do so only after her story was leaked to news outlets.

6. Ford asked for an F.B.I. investigation to take place before the Senate hearings and was refused by the GOP senate committee. Kavanaugh is completely against an F.B.I. investigation.

7. Mark Judge, the only other witness to the assault allegedly committed by Brett Kavanaugh, is conspicuously absent from the Senate hearings.

Reporters have uncovered other details about Judge that line up with elements of Ford’s testimony. One of his former girlfriends, Elizabeth Rasor, told The New Yorker that Judge had “told her ashamedly of an incident that involved him and other boys taking turns having sex with a drunk woman,” an act that, she said, Judge appeared to think was “fully consensual.” Judge also wrote a memoir about his struggles with alcoholism that included a reference to a “Bart O’Kavanaugh,” who “puked in someone’s car” and “passed out on his way back from a party.” In her testimony Thursday, Ford recalled seeing Judge, who wrote that he worked at a grocery store as a teen, at the local Safeway not long after the incident.

Republicans have not forced Judge to testify about what happened. What makes that so strange is that Judge could conceivably exonerate Kavanaugh by providing evidence that the assault never happened, or that neither he nor Kavanaugh was present, as Kavanaugh claims. There were, according to Ford, three people in the room—and yet the GOP Senate committee decided to hear from only two of them.

Judge remains in hiding in Delaware while Ford bares her soul to the world.

Mark this moment, Kavanaugh is DONE and now the fun begins!