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Nirvana FTW! 1D FTW!
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Nirvana or 1D?

Nirvana Or 1D? YOU DECIDE (or do you?)

Nirvana FTW!

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Though Nirvana is overrated, I would listen to them then listen to 1D.

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Not even close.

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1D is just a group of people who cannot sing. So technically Nirvana wins by default

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Kurt Cobain rules! Forever! Only those who really understand where Kurt was coming from will appreciate his music.

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Darkyear(345) Clarified
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Only those who really understand where Kurt was coming from will appreciate his music.

so...drugged up, seriously depressed, hating his sudden fame and wealth, in a failing marriage and feeling like the world wasn't meant for him? Nirvana has a lot of fans and I seriously doubt they all have all of these afflictions.

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It has handed me a laugh for years how so many gullible fans make the mistake of equating drug addled incoherency with genius. Or deep dark profound insight.

To the idea that Cobain Nobrain was anything more than a mediocre at best musician and writer with a chronically debilitating drug problem, I simply say "Balls."

If we have to go that drugged out misunderstood genius route, then I would submit for your approval, one Jim Morrison.

Or Charlie Parker.

Or Jimi Hendrix.

All of which who had more talent in their litle fingers than Cobain's total worth.


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i would always pick nirvana because not only was i raised on them but their lyrics are relate-able. i never just listened to their top songs like nevermind or smells like teen spirit, i also listened to their songs like rape me and plateau. what pisses me off is when i see a stupid tumblr girl walk around in a nirvana t shirt and not even know who the fuck they are.

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nirvana 100 hundred percent he understands how teens and people feel 1D just gos and just makes money for doing a concert kurt cobain didnt even care about his singing he was happy he made other people happy but him himself was getting very very deppressed and couldnt keep helping them and then he tried to od on pills and then his wife shot him with a shot gun

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Nirvana. 1D is shit. A typical boy band. Let's be honest, most girls like One Direction just because they think they are "cute".

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Nigger whaaaat?

Never heard of 1D. WTF are they?

And I always found Cobain and Nerdvana absurdly overrated.

I guess if I was a strung out teenager in Seattle I might liked them a little more. But that whole grunge thing left me cold. I heard local garage bands with better production and more talent.

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Cartman(18192) Disputed
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Wow, you must live near some insanely talented garages.

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beanz599(20) Disputed
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so your saying you'd rather listen to a group of record label tools who do whatever they're told?

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