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Nom tries his best to lie about the stock market


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I don't think ANYONE has to lie about the Stock Market. It is phony, has been padded and is being USED to cover up a TERRIBLE economy!

A GOOD economy is when one can make a good living, send his kids to college, afford to get sick or injured, spend time with his/her family, work ONE job, put some money away for a "rainy day … OR a vacation, feel SECURE …. especially if she/he's NOT RICH!

I could do all that, years ago, when we HAD a good economy! When America WAS great, when the average man was not worried about next month! When he knew his country worried about "Average Andy"! Not how the Koch Bros. bottom line was doing! "I just made you guys a lot RICHER!" (Trump addressing a bunch of his friends after his "tax cut for the middle class" went to the Stock Market! :-()

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