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Should the trade embargo with Cuba be dissolved?



Recently the Obama administration has lifted some of the travel restrictions to Cuba in regards to family members living between the two countries.  This is seen as a positive move by many foreigners but is it really?

The embargo on Cuba has been up since the early 1960s and little of its intended or publicly stated goals seem to have bean reached.

Is it time for the embargo to be dissolved and positive relations be created between the two countries?

Please explain why you choose yes or no and don't post just to say something like "they're communists" or some other meaningless answer.

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The trade embargo has done little to bring about "democracy" or a noticeable change in government economic policy. This embargo has only harmed the Cuban people and family relationships between Cuban Americans and their family members still in Cuba.

Also I don’t think the reason for the trade embargo was ever to bring a better life for the Cubans, I think it was solely an attempt to combat communism because it isn’t capitalism. If communism is a failed system then why does America need to make it so difficult for it to exist, wouldn’t it naturally die out?

Maybe lifting the embargo will bring democracy to Cuba maybe it won’t but keeping it there hasn’t so far and it doesn’t look like it will unless the Cuban leaders are assassinated or a US supported/deployed dictator takes control.

Communism may not work, but it has in some form managed to prevent the nation from completely collapsing. Shouldn’t the goal of our interaction with this nation be to help it and not to dictate its economic system? If we allowed them the chance to try out communism without so much hardship placed on them then maybe they could make it work. If they couldn’t then sooner or later a different system would be demanded by the local population and they would naturally evolve to what they think is better.

The embargo is a failed relic of anti-communist rhetoric that rarely had a noble intention in the first place, keeping it around merely shows that America cares more for capitalistic imperialism than allowing people to live their own lives how they want.

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If communism is a failed system then why does America need to make it so difficult for it to exist, wouldn’t it naturally die out?

In fact, there has been no communist nation that hasn't been the target of Capitalist-- almost always American-- sabotage.

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It is now 2015 and President Obama does want trade to resume with Cuba.

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well, communism is a failed system for THE PEOPLE, but the dictator lives just fine. and he decides that communism should continue. that's why it still exists there.

now, the people are not allowed to start their own business or do free trade. everything is controlled by the government, and the government seizes anything they wish to seize. that is what communism is. the people won't benefit from us trading with the government.

then there's the fact that almost every Cuban in America supports the embargo act (the ones who escaped from there at least). people are constantly leaving because they hate the system there. My own family has people who have escaped from Cuba. They support the Embargo Act because they don't want America doing deals with an evil man, such as Castro. I support their decision. I've heard the horror stories of what it's like to go to prison there. Of how the REAL hospitals treat their people. Castro doesn't deserve any of our money (any product that we buy from a Cuban business goes directly to Castro for him to distribute to who he wishes).

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ta9798(316) Disputed
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Wouldn't lifting the trade embargo actually encourage a more capitalistic economy?

If America could demonstrate the pros of our economy to the native population wouldn't that help the Cuban people more than leaving the embargo there?

Like you said, Castro at least has done pretty well with communism for himself and thus this trade embargo, if communism doesn't work for the people, only seems to punish the Cuban citizens and not those keeping Cuba communist.

I understand your hesitation to make trade with Cuba because where the money ultimately ends up but what i want to know is what good has the trade embargo done to make Cuba democratic or less communistic?

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ThePyg(6737) Disputed
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it keeps our money out of the hands of an evil dictator.

i do not have any hope for the Cuban government at all. By why should we do deals with an evil dictator who hurts his own people? i understand that we have done wrong in this field, but why spread it?

the trade embargo doesn't harm the Cubans. no matter what, Castro will continue to control all of the wealth and property. Money flows to him, and he decides how it will be spent. Us trading with Cuba is just doing businesses with Castro.

The other problem is that businesses aren't aloud to be brought up there. Maybe what would be good is if we could start businesses on Cuban soil which would lead to eventual capitalism, like it did with China. The problem is that Castro is strongly Communist and does not believe in this system where his people will work for corporations or, God forbid, start their own.

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Oh come on. Cuba is not Communist and our leader is not a dictator.

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ThePyg(6737) Disputed
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Yes he is, but I've changed my mind about the embargo act. This was written 3 years ago.

I actually am against the embargo act, for free trade is more important than political legislation that harms the free market.

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