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Complete insanity! Total insanity!
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Surprise Surprise! 6 Trump Campaign Staffers in Tusla already have the Coronavirus!

This is BEFORE the event even started!   We're watching lemmings throw themselves over the edge of the cliff on LIVE TV!  Amazing!!  By July 1st we'll be able to start adding up the body count!
Take a heaping helping of SUPER STUPID, add that much or more of 100% PURE MENTAL DERANGEMENT and you have a Trump Rally complete with FREE CORONA VIRUS at no extra charge!!
These idiots actually signed a liability waver before they walked into the gas chamber!  HOLY CRAP!  This is the mentality of Trump worshipers folks.  Enjoy the clown show, I know I will!

Complete insanity!

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Total insanity!

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The last thing I want is for anyone to assassinate Trump only because that would harm the country in that it would make him a martyr and the last thing this country needs are statues and airports etcetera named after this ass hat.

But if he died from going to this campaign rally, now THAT would be perfect! This way he'd die of STUPIDITY/INSANITY and there would be no airports or anything else to cause his stench to linger long after he's gone.

So enjoy the rally MR BIG SHOT, enjoy the hell out of it!

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Rusticus(1782) Clarified
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Wow! Was that rally a disaster or WHAT? Oh yes it was yes it was!!

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Miocene(463) Clarified
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You're one hate filled, very sad individual.

Wishing the death of your democratically elected President bears all the hallmarks of a full-blown Nazi fascist.

You would have been brilliant organizing the *Gas Chambers at Auschwitz.

Regardless of your opinion of President Trump millions of American citizens voted for him, and, if for no other reason, he should be respected for this alone.

If his rally had seen a bigger turnout you would have been disparaging the peaceful and legal gathering due to the possibility of the event further spreading the Chinese disease.

Now that the numbers are less than predicted you're still ranting and ravening.


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Poor Bronto, I've captured him! He's desperately trying to bury the disaster in Tulsa! WOW that was a horrible rally!

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LaughingDog(28) Disputed
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Exposing the left's coronavirus hypocrisy and social distancing double standard

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Surprise Surprise! 6 Trump Campaign Staffers in Tusla already have the Coronavirus!

"Doctors around world say COVID-19 losing its potency, becoming less deadly"

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