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 The Protesters on Wall Street and around the country are morons. (11)

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The Protesters on Wall Street and around the country are morons.

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Listen to the clips.....then you tell me.

I have yet to hear someone with all their faculties explain what is going on.

They want their voices heard but they don't know what they are saying.

casper3912(1581) Disputed
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What makes you think those clips are representative ?

churchmouse(328) Disputed
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What makes you think they aren't representative of the group?

Many of these people are being paid by socialists who want to take over.;=related

casper3912(1581) Disputed
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If people are being paid by socialists to take over, then either the man is paranoid or other groups such as democrats, fascists, anarchists, even republics and so forth are using similar tactics(although to different ends). That doesn't mean any of them should be paid much attention, how successful could they really be? What insecurities can they take advantage of?

Democracy naturally leads towards a classical socialism or anarchism or communism or however you want to express the idea, however the modern concepts behind those words don't stand much of a chance. This is America after all, we like our individualism.

Are you joking? None of the protesters are being paid by socialists to "take over"...that is a seriously paranoid attitude.

churchmouse(328) Disputed
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You obviously did not watch the clips I put up because even the guy they interviewed admitted that some groups were being paid. When asked who....he declined to give an answer.

Not everyone there is very articulate, or can provide an adequate solution on their own.

They will bring their ideas, and sadly that means some of the terrible inarticulate ones will be put up on youtube and used as a counter. However, their general reason for being there couldn't be more valid, and the democratic process used at the protests should weed out the terrible ideas, inform everyone, and cause greater and more efficient articulation.

I can show you videos as well to counter your claims, but why bother when I can just lay out the reason for yours' existence and and smash them all. The people there are the ones that have broken out of the complacency that has strangled America for the last half century, that means they either got majorly screwed over recently or their intelligent. This is because either you don't care about the natural rate of unemployment, the money multiplier effect, the continual crises of overproduction we have with our agriculture, the over reliance of the entire economy on the oil and financial industries and how that causes inflation, the fed contradictory duel mandate, the failures of a two party system, and so forth, or it got personal or you enjoy studying those things. For those of whom it got personal, well the learning curve is high but they have learned quickly.

churchmouse(328) Disputed
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casper I could do the same you you live videos of the protesters in actions......but would it really matter?

We have two different opinions here....worldviews, we won't agree.

I think that a great majority are there for the hell of jump on the bandwagon, join the group. Free love....a chance to buck the system...many just there to get a few hours of fame to be a part of something political.

casper3912(1581) Disputed
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I want the general model derived from all data points, the videos are just a few datapoints out of much more.

World views.. that is a cheap cop-out. My world view is empirical, so long as you make decisions based off of your observations then there is much we can agree on. However, in this you seem to be making them based off of preconceived notions.

Politics have never really been that much of a popular thing.

It seems absurd to think that a protest is just a party to jump into, especially since it started as a youth movement and very few have their names broadcasted for a few mins of fame. It seems you haven't been down to an occupy or two, "free love" is a horrible and extremely inaccurate description. The people have been driven to do this, it isn't just an innovative "we are bored, lets party non-stop in the park", because the motivation wouldn't be there to make it go world wide in such a short amount of time.