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You missed all the excitement earlier. Some guy claiming to be an army of 200 threatened to take over CD. There was a moment of panic and then people chilled and then catastrophe was averted. ;)

So wazzup with you?

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Oh? So it's safe to return? I had to get the hell outta here and I usually enjoy that sort of shit but that was just annoying.

It takes a troll to defeat a troll ;)

The strongest weapon is to ignore them and not post on their debates.

Srom and Joe pretty much covered it. We're in the midst of fending off a troll invasion. Although it's possible just one troll with a lot of accounts.

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All the trolls Srom and joe mentioned seem to be going after me.

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Yeah its weird it seems they want to target a certain individual or go after someone without expecting it.

Also they might target another person and we should be prepared for this.

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More and more trolls are coming on here to troll and lots of them!