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 What is the most crazies thing you ever did? (7)

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What is the most crazies thing you ever did?

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Hung on to the back of a school bus as it drove down the road. It was fun.

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Sat in a wheeled chair attached to the back of a friend's car by a dog leash as he drove down the street.

I jumped off a roof into a pool and missed the edge by inches. ;)

I used to be a rock climber, one day, on the third pitch of an 80 foot rope, I stood on a piece of rock (the size of my fist), protruding from the face of a cliff, as I held the rope while my friend climbed up towards me (in case he fell). There was no place for me to put any safeguards.

In a fit of rage, I unintentionally rolled a CRV. Since then, I've kept a tight lid on my temper ;)

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I'd tell you but, as Joe has pointed out before, this is a G-rated site. ;)

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I ran through Target in a gorilla suit, ran across a golf course naked, sang to people at red lights with a microphone plugged into speakers, blew airhorns in Kmart, blew airhorns on a golf course (yes, like in jackass), set a tent up in the middle of the street and told my friend to get inside... And then ran away when i saw a cop coming (cop didn't see me. I made my friend look like a total dumbass.), turned the lights on in a movie theater and yelled "oh my god!" in the gayest voice i could (i got kicked out), sprayed silly string at the people in the taco bell drive-thru, had electric cart races in winn dixie, and pee'd in someones front yard in the middle of the night... While they were standing on their driveway (I was drunk, so i guess that doesn't really count)..... God, I did some stupid stuff. None of it was really life risking crazy though.