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Apparently, bitch slapping is alive and well ;)

I say it's never ok to slap a woman. A slap manages to combine violence with a bitter insult, while at the same time being useless for defense and only serving to antagonize and put down the recipient. There is no place for slapping, regardless of the circumstances, in my opinion.

I don't say it's never ok to strike a woman- it is acceptable to defend oneself against a credible threat, regardless of what form it takes.

Yes, it is a bitter insult...., but if it shuts her the hell up ;)

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When she's a kinky slut and begs for it.

Hellno(17753) Disputed
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Like you'd know anything about that... LOLLOLOL

Hitler(2364) Disputed
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If I didn't how would I have come up with the argument? Now who's Lol'ing.

When it is acceptable/under the right circumstances.

thousandin1(1931) Clarified
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So... it's ok when it's ok? Really? Thats an answer now?

Idiotobx914(1340) Clarified
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What can I say? :D

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You can slap a woman whenever just like you could slap a man any time you want. Is it morally wrong? Well, women want to be equal to men then they should be able to take that burden of being treated like men. Personally, hitting anyone is wrong unless necessary regardless if your male or female.

thousandin1(1931) Clarified
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I would assert that slapping is never necessary, and therefore always wrong. The circumstances where violence is justified will never be resolved with a slap, only escalated.

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Never and it's not okay to slap a man, child or guinea pig either.

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When she tells you silly jokes , or when she ask you a lot ^^''

You are probably a good person but you haven't taken the time to fill out your profile, so we'll never know! But based on your answer, you're starting off on the wrong foot ;)

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When she wants you to