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Would you practice entomophagy? (Eating insects).

It's a tough question, isn't it? 
But once you get over the "ick" factor, entomophagy is great for the environment as insects produce less pollution.  
Insects also have more protein than conventional  meat (kilo for kilo). 

I *STRONGLY* recommend checking out the sources provided for more information.  

So would you? If not why? 
If you would why? 
And if you have already practiced  entomophagy, post your experiences. I'm curious. 

Insects Are Food:
TedEd: Should we eat bugs?:
Food And Agricultural Organisation Of The UN: 
Edible Bug Shop: 



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Funny that I should come across this question now.

Because just last night I ate five or six grasshoppers.

Oh yeah. I shit you not.

See? Robyn brought home this Thai snack she got when she and her Thai friend went to her friends family restaurant for lunch.

They were actually pretty yummy.

They had been pan fried in this chili paste.

So they were nice and crispy and had a taste.

Kinda like Sriracha.

And I swear those little buggers had some sort of aphrodisiacal quality to them. Maybe it was all the protein?

Or the bottle of Chardonnay we drank with em?



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My cat sometimes eats insects when she goes outside and she is probably the person I look up to the most. So I would definitely practice entomophagy.

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I would have to say yes because I have already done so.

Not because of heath or regards to the Earth, but because of a stupid schoolyard wager. (I got a packet of chips out of it.)

It was an ant by the way.

Several, really.

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You did?

WHY WAS I NOT INFORMED OF THIS!? Also, I might try it in the very near future. Or far. Or near. OR BOTH Que the illuminati noise

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