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 bat-mobile or black beauty (4)

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bat-mobile or black beauty

Both super hero cars are amazing but is awsomer?

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Next time you create a two sided debate, I suggest you choose the option of making it a two sided debate opposed to a perspective debate.

Because now, just to be that guy I am going to choose something that is completely different from both suggested answers above.

I will instead go with:

A tricycle, as it is an effective mean of transportation. It is also very well balanced with excellent handling capabilities, this mode of transportation can host a wide range of ages as the three wheel design will allow for; adults, children, and even elderly people to operate the machine with relative ease!

Side: A tricycle
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The black beauty is better because it has rockets that will blow you up the bat-mobile doesn't, it just has defensive messures that the black beauty also has. SO the black beauty owns the bat-mobile.

Side: black beauty
DaWolfman(3322) Disputed
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Regardless of how awesome the black beauty is, a mere tricycle will never be surpassed by any mode of transportation. Period. Not in my lifetime at least.

Side: A tricycle

I like the Batmobile because it is so futuristic and the speed is amazing.

Side: A tricycle