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should sports be taught in school?


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Yes sports should be taught because it would help other people learn the sport and learn to play the sport properly without mistakes.

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In my point of view sports should be taught in schools. It will be usefull to have 2 or 3 lessons a week. Because nowadays students usually spend time in a sitting position. They come from school in the afternoon, then try to find a little time to sleep, to relax or some of them, especially students of high schools who have to pass United National Test, in order to prepare go to an additional studies, tutorials. After relaxing they starts doing their homeworks, which will be ended in the evening or at midnight. As a result they don't move a lot. Therefore, for students who spend their time mostly at home doing studies it is the appropriate way to have some physical education at school.

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I think sports should be thaught at school, we all had P.E. classes at school, and it was good for us to do something except studing all day long. when U have to sit on the chair all day doing your home work it is lack of physical activities for your body. so, it's important to do some sports at school

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No! People should be educated in school... too bad you weren't.

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Who are you saying not educated? Is it me? Or Srom? If you talking about me, you are wrong. I am educated

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I don't think that we should pay "teachers" sixty thousand dollars a year to hand out dodge balls to children. I think teachers should "teach" a core curriculum of grammar, reading, mathematics, science, and history. Everything else should be taught on a elective basis by community organizations. No one should should fail school for failing art or music. I think children should be free to explore elective topics that they're interested in.

It could be a sport, it could be music, it could even be religion. I just don't think that these things should be taught by teachers. You can go to the YMCA or a civic center or the Church of the Offkey Choir.

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Sports dun mean anything to us. Studies are more important. You can just spend time studying in school. Just spend some time during weekends to exercise

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