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If one looks at the high-branded fashion magazines, the advertising brands use involved large full page imagery with a minimal amount of information and I believe this concept of mainly image based promotion can be applied to Social Media. I sincerely doubt that vast majority of people actually look into or research the brands they see people following, but instead glance over the few images provided and form an opinion based on those.

Thus I believe that attractive image content is enough for people for follow fashion brands in social media.

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Which government? I don't want some foreign politicians dictating what I can and cannot do on the internet.

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I would question whether many people follow fashion brands through social media at all, there has been a rise in evidence on how companies pay social media companies to promote their brand for them and that companies can additionally buy 'followers".

However, if somebody is seen to be following a brand through social media, and particularly a fashion brand, it's appearance on that the social media site will be of sole importance. The people who follow these brands not only want to show they like the brand but also appear to know a lot of fashion to the people who follow them, thus if the imagery of the brand is awful it not only makes the brand look bad but also the people who follow the brand.

(As a side note: I'm aware of the weakness in my argument, however I thought I'd try get this debate going, I can only commend the debate creator for the excellent introduction that they have provided.)

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You don't have to be an atheist to acknowledge science.

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Why can't we have science and God?

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No inheritance for them.

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" Frankly, the IRA is a terrorist group right? To be eligible for being called "a terrorist group", I don't know what they've done but it's gotta be pretty fucking bad."

They blew up a hotel attempting to kill the Prime Minister (then Margaret Thatcher), they also killed MPs using bombs and made a lot of violent attacks on people.

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I don't have an income :(

I'm a student and therefore unemployed.

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I think the main people who want to get rid of the current 1% probably intend on becoming the next 1%.

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Good grief, if the 1% is the brain, I would hate to think of what part of the body I end up in....

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How so?

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Er... I had school?

Though on a serious note, I have been concentrating on my studies for a while, took a break from the internet as a whole, but to be honest I did look in on Createdebate now and then, I just never had the time to construct argument worth reading.

I often take these breaks from CD for a bit, this one was just longer than most, it all comes from me taking on too many debates at once, with arguments getting longer and longer with every dispute until I end up spending 3 hours writing in debates. However it is now the holidays over here in GB and I thought I'd spend some time catching up.

It was nice to see that I was missed :)

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