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You’re correct , he calls everyone a failure and a retard

Reading through some of your posts it is difficult to disagree with him that you are a failure and a retard.

Spartacus Clarified
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Hi bronto. Do you intend to answer the question Quantumhead asked you, or nah?

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I'd say not. He has happily run 80% of the members off the site.

Bronto, someone opened a thread last week and exposed the fact that you have nearly two hundred puppet accounts. There is absolutely no truth to anything you ever say. Just like the two above you, you are a liar and a thoroughly nasty piece of work.

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But you don't even have a gf, bronto.

Are you perhaps talking about your dog?

Given the spectacularly low quality she would have to be in order to put up with your bs, I bet the difference is negligible anyway.

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I've seen this argument in real life I lot of the time when talking to people about this topic, and I've experienced it in my own life.

It isn't an argument. What xMathFanx is trying to do is misdirect you so that you blame the victims of poverty rather than the factors which are actually responsible. It's precisely the same logical fallacy which justifies beating your wife (i.e. "the bigger question is why didn't you leave your husband"?)

Not only does his question assume that the victim hasn't tried to better their own circumstances (which of course is counter-intuitive, since poverty is a bad thing), but it also assumes that, if everybody had "credentials", then nobody would need to work grocery jobs. The fact of the matter is that grocery jobs still need to be done, regardless of whether you do them or somebody else does them.

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Do you believe in telekinesis and psychic powers too, you obnoxious dimwit?


If it helps him justify being a nasty little twit, he believes in it. Otherwise, nah.

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You have no evidence that is Bronto

And you have no evidence I am "Nom", you obnoxious, unintelligent hypocrite.

We don't know if the Universe is finite or infinite

Yes we do. You're just an idiot. How can the universe be expanding if it is infinite you silly nugget? The NASA WMAP mission mapped out the background cosmic radiation pattern for the entire universe, moron.

God, you annoy me. You're so stupid and yet simultaneously so arrogant.

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There are drugs designed to kill you instantly. The military calls them suicide pills.

Wtf? How are ordinary people supposed to get hold of cyanide tablets?

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I was following you up to here. Then you lost me.

In fairness, that's hardly difficult. I wager you could get lost in your own car.

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Now again Dummy tell me who is PRO law enforcement

Oh, so you would give up your guns if we made owning them against the law??

That's funny, because I seem to remember you saying the complete opposite. I also seem to remember you calling for armed revolution to get rid of Obama.

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But the universe isn't infinitely complex. It has finite size and finite complexity.

You'd better rethink your question bronto.

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Con, your hypocrisy is the stuff of absolute legend.

I watched NumberOne explain to you meticulously at least four times why DNA cannot be Jewish, and I watched him repeatedly link an article from Scientist.Com proving his argument was correct. I also watched you respond to his patient explanations by calling him either a Nazi, a Jew hater, or a Jew-hating Nazi.

You are flat out a fucking joke.

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