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i will debate im a coward and know il lose
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Ahoghill Debate me on dont be a coward

Ahoghill Debate me on a site that is actually good where voters are unbiased the topic is "black people are not inferior to white people" here is the link dont pretend you didnt see this

i will debate

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im a coward and know il lose

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Ahogill dont be a coward and pretend you dont see this DEBATE ME on i put the link in the description

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I recognised a long time ago the futility of trying to conduct reasoned discourse with fools who are incapable of accepting the truth contained in any given argument.

As you are clearly a fool who falls into the the aforementioned category I will not be taking the bait of your moral blackmail or juvenile attempt at character assassination by joining your inferior debating forum.

If you wish to present your argument here on CD and, depending on my judgement of the worthiness of your reasoning, I may or may not respond.

Alternatively;- Try some other pursuit more compatible with your arrested intellect such as yodelling up the canyon.

Side: i will debate
drlebronskiv(23) Disputed
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In other words your a coward how about hopefully that suits your needs. is pretty much dead so even if you do lose wont be that bad or you can behind a trash debate platform where the debates make no sense and everyone is biased where you can also hide behind other peoples arguments

Side: im a coward and know il lose
drlebronskiv(23) Disputed
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By depending on my reasoning you mean if i have a good argument you wont respond

Side: im a coward and know il lose
Ahoghill(1452) Disputed
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That's me all over, a devout coward with a low pain threshold.


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