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According to the SPLC David Horowitz and FrontPage Magazine are considered anti-Muslim hate groups.

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Brontoraptor back on a puppet account proliferating the exact same lies and neo-Nazi propaganda:-

Overall, we rate FrontPage Magazine a Questionable source based on Extreme Right Bias, promotion of conspiracy theories regarding Islam as well as propaganda that only reports negatively on Islam. This source has also failed fact checks by IFCN fact checkers.

In review, FrontPage Magazine promotes extreme right wing propaganda that utilizes loaded language such as this: LEFTISTS HAVE ALWAYS LIED ABOUT AUSCHWITZ. They also routinely promote President Trump’s immigration agenda such as this: ORWELLIAN SPECTACLE OVERSHADOWS IMMIGRATION DEBATE. The primary purpose of this website is to paint Islam followers negatively such as this: AMERICA’S NEWEST MUSLIM MARTYR IS A CHILD RAPIST AND KILLER. In general, the stories published on this website serve to portray Islam in a negative light. You will never find a positive story, only murder, rape and terror. This is a classic propaganda and conspiracy website that many take seriously.

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