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Do You Think I DeanN..... Should Leave CreateDebate?


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Yes, because it is a waste of time and populated entirely by losers, morons, and hypocrites.

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Then maybe you should be the first to leave you insulting little twit.

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MKIced(2510) Disputed
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Okay....... And the reason you're still here then? This site survives because it is an intelligent place (sometimes) and the users are committed to bettering it. Unless you're being facetious, maybe you should leave.

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I don't know who you are but is there any reason you should?

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I haven't had any problems with you.... As far as I know, you never went on a rampage downvoting every argument I made (someone did that! But I know who). And you don't spam debates with senseless garbage. So stay! :)

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Nah thats ok i probs wont leave i have just found a really good game called gladiatus and might not have enough time but since thats the way you think of me ill stay thanks alot.

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nagtroll(274) Disputed
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Please get out while you still can. These people are just luring you in like sirens and succubuses. They just want to feed off of you to satisfy their false sense of self importance and vanity. Some of them even believe they are arguing for a worthy cause, but they are really just wasting your precious time. Go back to reality, and never haunt this venue with your avatar again. Free yourself from their tentacled clutches. Live dammit. Live.

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