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Do you believe in ghosts?


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I personally do not believe in ghosts, I put them into the same category as anxiety/fear and/or superstition etc etc however I know several people who do, they also believe in spaceships, reading tarot cards, re-incarnation, and the power of amulets and charms.

So, all things to all people everywhere

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Of course ghosts could exist, but if we have no evidence of something existing, how could they exist in the exact way we imagine them?

If I believed ghosts exist, i would have to believe in everything else that has the same amount of empirical evidence of existing that ghosts do, which would mean I would believe in… everything. That would make life difficult, as there are many things that conflict. As such, until I am given a legitimate reason to believe that ghosts exist, I won't.

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I think ghost is from the imagination of some people, but I don't know much about ghost is real or not. I think ghost is insubstantial, so I don't believe in it

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