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George Zimmerman threatened his inlaws, could this be linked to the Trayvon Martin case?


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The strain of his violence can be traced to the Trayvon Martin case.

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Well, possibly, but not that much.

She (his wife) filed for divorce a week ago. And she dropped the charges.

So really, who knows what's going on. The man could very well suffer PTSD, and a divorce is a pretty stressful thing, especially after being accused of murder.

Who... knows.

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i dont really see how.. its two different people we're talking about here.

it might indicate that george was indeed a violent person, but one situation shouldn't influence the other.

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There's two things you need to understand about ol' GZ... or Jeezy, as I've now decided to call him.

One... he's a gun-freak who apparently feels like a badass having a pistol sticking out of his waistband all the time.

Two... he's going through a divorce.

Put those together and you have an estranged wife who is pissed off, sees his gun (he probably didn't make any effort to hide it), freaks out, calls the police, and starts a shit load of drama.

To sum it all up, they're idiots.

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OMG, yet another debate about George Zimmerman? Let it go, people!

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