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 Here's that slippery slope of PC Transgender lunacy. Men are allowed to race as women! (7)

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Here's that slippery slope of PC Transgender lunacy. Men are allowed to race as women!

As I have always said, the slippery slope of political correctness with all these LGBTQLMNOPRSUVWXYZ groups will lead to a twisted culture where there is no longer simple common sense right or wrong.

Bigoted Liberals have got to be the most stupid life form in the universe! In their fanatical quest to undermine our nation's Christian heritage, they have lifted up the agendas of every dysfunctional group out there.

Competition and sports will be destroyed by men with disorders who want to compete as women. Where will this lunacy end? It will end with America's collapse from within.

Our family unit is falling apart and our children are the victims. The Left has all the compassion in the world for every weird unnatural group of people out there, but when it comes to our children's well being? They could not care less.
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What's next? So called transgender boys in school competing in school sporting events. How would you like your daughter wrestling with boys, taking showers and getting dressed in the same locker rooms.

This twisted anti God Liberal culture will destroy this nation.

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What is the core similarity between Homosexuality AND Bestiality?

The answer is, Sexual Preference!

How come one regarded as a dysfunctional behavior and the other hailed as 'normal'? Are we not going crazy in the name of 'scientific enlightenment'?

Yes, Democrats and Liberals pick and choose which sexual orientations are lifted up as normal and which ones are still scorned.

One by one they are sanctioning unnatural abnormal dysfunctions as being the new norm. Can you imagine our children growing up in this twisted culture. Children in the past were able to trust adults and what they were taught.

Today they are being taught to ignore Biology and how our bodies are designed.

Today our kids are taught that biology is conditional and Gender is a choice.

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How do you feel about your daughter changing in locker rooms with gay women? Or your son going to the bathroom in the same place as gay men?

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I feel fine when my kids are in dressing rooms with other kids of the same sex. I use my brain when it comes to such matters.

If some Gay man tried to come on to my kid, he would be put in jail. Are you saying I should fear Gay people as being criminals?