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 How do you think Barack Obama is doing (6)

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How do you think Barack Obama is doing

I think Barack is doing great.

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Too soon to tell.

But he's certainly inspirational,

He's closing Gitmo, made it clear we're not gonna torture anymore, has passed his stimulus plan, has commited more troops to Afghanistan where the bad guys really are, and is trying to pull out of Iraq.

Hopefully he'll take better care in distributing the bank bail out, and it would be nice to see him go after those that broke the law in the last adiministration (which it appears is not a priority as of now)

All in all I have to say so far so good.

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I agree it's too soon to make a judgment.

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way 2 soon give him some more time and has anny 1 seen a thing called nalin paylin?

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In the short time he has been President he has been remarkable however, it's far too soon to tell if he will continue making the changes he promised the American people. I'd like to see him continue to reach out the other side and garner more support there and I think he may accomplish that as well. Much hinges on who is going to get what from the stimulus package just passed by Congress and how accountable they will be in reporting how this money will be used. He certainly is making good on the promise of visibility under his leadership. He's using the Internet just as wisely now as he did while campaigning and says he will try and get out to various states and among the people once weekly or more, if time allows. I think it's a so far, so good situation for President Obama thus far.

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I think that he's a great man, and will do very well in office, but he was inaugurated not even a month ago, and it's much too early to tell if he's doing a good job or not. Bu he's certainly a good speaker, and inspirational, following up on david's point.

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It is now 2015 and President Obama has just presented a Nuclear Arms Deal with Iran, the unemployment rate continues to drop, and ObamaCare is providing millions with medical insurance who couldn't afford it before.

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