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It's right. It's wrong.
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Is colonization right or wrong?

It's right.

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It's wrong.

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If France didnt colonize north africa they would still be living in tents and herding goats when they are sitting on a huge pile of natural resources.

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It depends on who does the colonizing. Canada and Australia are good examples of colonizing. The U.S. was too, albeit with some reservations on how we treated the natives and how we grew it through the use of slavery. Today, the question is still up for grabs since we are the biggest polluters in the world (once again) with the help of Scott Pruitt! Sometimes I think we would have been better off if we had left it to the Indians.

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It depends on to what extent it is imposed vs voluntary. If the locals genuinely welcome the presence of outsiders and at least initially are open to learning from them then that's not wrong. But if the outsiders are little more than invaders and actively take or destroy or rule with an iron fist then it's wrong just the same as all threats of force just to get your own way are wrong.

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