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Is the God of the Bible, good, or evil?


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Like any book that contains violence, it depends on how seriously you look at it. I've read a lot of books with violent characters like "God", but, none QUITE so violent. I mean genocide, killing first born, turning women to stone, violent temper tantrums ….. it depends on how seriously you let the characters effect your mind. I never take fiction seriously ……… but I try, still, to learn from it.

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FromWithin(8266) Disputed
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ROFLOL, you are actually talking about a one time event, where God threatened to kill the first born of evil slave owners, for the purpose of saving millions of slaves from Egypt's slave traders?

This is coming from a man who supports killing the first, second, third, forth, born of ALL people for ANY reason, even viable babies, for all times!


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AlofRI(3253) Clarified
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You can't stop me from "not" taking fiction seriously. I can't take you seriously …. and you can't make me! ;-)

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The God wasn't evil - only just. He provided everything for his people: freedom out of Egypt, a wonderful land to live in, food, water, and protection. And yet, through it all, all they did was complain for all his goodness and so he punished them - just like how a parent gives their kid a "timeout" to correct them so they wouldn't continue their sin patterns. And even after all of that he kept loving them unconditionally - if that sounds evil then what would ever sound good? Everything he has done was out of love for us... is that not what goodness is?

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Agreed. God is so many good adjectives, it blows my mind the way people hate Him. God assumed Human flesh, laid down His Life, and rose from the dead, to save sinners.

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username5 Clarified
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Yes! He did all of that - sacrificing his only son- for us: a sinful race who have little respect for him for no reason. God is amazing and loving - not evil!

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1 point ............ So, who is God? .... If someone asked you that bedrock question, how would you respond? Could you describe God biblically and with clarity?

Do you know enough truth about God to counter widely accepted, misguided views about Him?

What would you say about God’s nature, and how it compares with our nature? How would you explain the Trinity?

The work of Jesus Christ? The role of the Holy Spirit—are you called to worship Him the same way that you worship the Father and the Son?

And if God is sovereign and good, why does He allow evil to exist?

John MacArthur tackles those issues and more in Consider This. Originally preached to students at The Master’s University,

this series applies to anyone who wants to elevate their thoughts of God, embrace Him more fully, and help others trust in Him ...........

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urdumb(2) Banned
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Dana wants to be tickled by a sexy black man

but little did she know, the bible belongs in a trash can

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The god of the Bible is evil any god that’s approves of owning people as property is evil

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YeshuaBought(2861) Clarified
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I am not in a good enough place to disagree. What is the point in me being alive, if I am always miserable? I wish I was dead.

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Mingiwuwu(1467) Clarified
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Check pm please.

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What is the point in me being alive, if I am always miserable? I wish I was dead.

You only feel this way now you have I’m sure experienced great joys, love and fun times , your emotions are merely like clouds in the sky they come and go and pass by eventually as everything changes.

You have to learn to let your mind states pass on by without latching onto every negative thought that enters your mind your thoughts are not you let them pass by , it’s difficult at first but becomes second nature after practice believe me.

You have something to offer the world please don’t wish death on yourself , take one small step at a time and don’t keep beating yourself up ......I wish you all the very best as I’m sure many others do also

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