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 Is there and edge to the universe? (3)

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Is there and edge to the universe?

Although data is low the idea alone of more than one universe terrifyes the human race!

However when you look at the maths of the Big Bang within probablity it should of never happened! So is the possibilites thats lots of Big Bangs have happened through out time and space still in the picture? How would we even find the edge of the universe? I mean most of the time when we look to the skies above us we dont know if we are looking back in time or foward? What if this universe is sypreical and we are just simply seeing a reflection of the begining?


And if they ever did manage to prove that there is an edge to our universe would it make it question the whole of our reality and religions?

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What? So much abstract thinking not within the realm of straight-forward answers/opinions.

Anyways... back to the original question...


I don't think there is an edge to the universe. I think the universe is endless.